I love interior design and over the past two decades have decorated my house with ideas from home decor magazines and the internet. Friends have always commented that my house looks nice...until I chanced upon Arete Culture’s website and saw the amazing makeovers. So amazing because every home is different, yet every home is beautiful. I engaged Arete Culture, half-doubting if there would really be much difference as my house is already not bad-looking. And wow! The transformation is spectacular! Carol commented that my house had a lot of wasted space. She and Nirvi re-arranged my furniture and made my house look so much more spacious. They used almost all the furniture and accessories I already had and, with their Midas touch as well as some beautiful pieces from their shop, transformed the space. I’m very thankful too that they recommended Ronnie to paint my 20-year-old cupboards at a reasonable price and with excellent workmanship, giving the worn-out cupboards a new lease of life. I intended to change my dining set but Carol advised me to keep it cos it’s unique, and after adding complementary accessories and rearranging my dining room I’m so glad I didn’t. They even went the extra mile to rearrange the accessories in my bathrooms though it was not part of the deal. Kudos to Carol and Nirvi! They are really talented! Definitely money well spent!
— Koh Poh Ling

I worked with Caroline and Nirvi of Arete Culture for the deign/renovations of my whole house. They partnered with their favoured contractor for minor renovations that were needed or they recommended. Arete Culture oversaw the entire project to ensure it was completed on time and to the highest quality. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. All my guests remarked that the house looks stunning. I especially appreciate Caroline’s and Nirvi’s good taste and the use of colours, accessories and furniture pieces to create a beautiful environment. As they are not contractors, they do not recommend unnecessary custom built-ins that other integrated interior design/contractor firms are prone to do. Their attention to detail is also amazing. For example, they required the vendor to reupholster my headboard because of stains that I did not even notice. I strongly recommend Arete Culture for their excellence, professionalism and artistic flair.
— Eugene Lee

Arete Culture is a true gem. Carol and Jules were an absolute delight to work with, and their work is stunning. When I was moving to Singapore, I needed help decorating a new space essentially from scratch and on an extremely tight timeline. Enter Arete to the rescue - hiring Carol and Jules was the best decision I could have made. If you’re thinking about hiring a decorator/stylist in Singapore, you can stop looking, Arete is the absolute best choice you can make.

First off, they are consummate professionals with a keen eye for great pieces and a well-honed aesthetic taste. They listened intently to my interests and preferences, and did a superb job creating a design palette and choosing pieces that fit my design style perfectly. And they did so with blistering speed - it was truly a remarkable feat.

They also made what can be a very painful process an absolute delight. They took care of everything and always went the extra mile to make sure I had the best experience and a home with a real “wow” factor, and they put my mind completely at ease. And they did a really impressive job maximizing my budget - helping to balance where to invest more money and where I could save money, and helping to also source custom-designed, beautiful unique pieces that didn’t break the bank.

Seriously, these guys are amazing. In addition to being the best at what they do, they’re also a delight to work with - they’re flexible, responsive, fast, and do it all with a great sense of humor. I’d use them again in a heartbeat!
— C M

Caroline and Jules did an amazing job on our home renovation project. They came with recommendation of a close friend of ours who we know has high standards - this meant we had high expectations at the start of the project. By the end of the project those high expectations had been comfortably exceeded! We were particularly impressed on a number of areas of the work the team did: 1) excellent and efficient service, which allowed us to the get the project done within a short timeframe. 2) resourceful and original sourcing of a really good range of home furnishings that we would not have been able to find ourselves. This included some bespoke pieces made by Eric at Arete Culture which we are really happy with. 3) Really thoughtful and personalised integration of existing items that we had into the new design/layout. This made the finished project feel like our beautiful new home, rather than just a generic (albeit beautiful!) showroom. also on this point, the team’s flexibility and creativity meant that we were able to save money by renovating existing pieces we had.

Overall, super-happy with the work and the service and would recommend Caroline and Jules without hesitation.
— Nick Woodruff

I sourced this company to stage my home for sale. Their professionalism and dedication were outstanding. Caroline and Naomi delivered exactly what was required in a timely and cost effective manner- just as promised. Caroline joked that when they were done we wouldn’t want to move. We sold the house within 24 hours of the team completing the home staging- and I must admit, I did feel a little pang, as they had made the house the most beautiful it has ever been! What a fabulous team!
— Natalie Tan

Being someone who spends his life on a plane and in hotels, and then having the challenge of moving to new apartment at Sentosa Cove, I needed some real help to set up my new home. Also being a self aware male, I also knew the task was beyond my capabilities.

My mission to Caroline and Nirvi was simple: “Please make the apartment like a Mandarin Oriental Hotel suite - especially their one in Barcelona..”

The end result surpassed my expectations (check out the photos on the Areteculture website). Just as importantly, the whole process was transparent, professional and customer orientated. The day to day communication and liaison was swift and precise - with no surprises at the end. On the make over day, it was like some magic fairies appeared from when I went to the office and returned. Bottom line, Aretecuture is just as much an A1 project manager as an A1 interior styling/design business. Well done!!!

One final insight: Caroline uses a nice phrase when discussing furniture options, “ Don’t worry it is just the cost of a nice dinner with some wine.” The problem is that in my case it is a false economy as I end up doing both :)))

Thanks team.
— Grey Harvey (Australia)

Caroline, Nirvi and the team at Arete Culture revamped 4 areas in our home. They had the vision to convert an office area into family living area and also revamped our master bedroom, living room, dining room and guest loo. The end result of their work is stunning, they completely exceeded our expectation. I feel this is the best money I’ve spent in ages! Caroline and Nirvi work quickly and are very responsive to all requests. Also due to their vast experience you can feel comfortable in trusting their recommendations. My husband and I both work full time and have small children, after our initial discussion we were largely able to allow Caroline and her team to go off and do all the work. Although it is now interior designed, it still feels like ‘our home’, it is a very comfortable family home, yet also chic and stylish. We are extremely happy with the redesign, we love the new look, our friends and any visitors to our home are so impressed by it and we look forward to Caroline & Nirvi working their magic on a few remaining spaces in our home.
— Ruth & Joao (Ireland & Portugal)

Magic! That’s what happens when you turn over your place to Arete Culture – magic!

Theirs was no ordinary, by-the-book, preconceived, interior remodel. Instead, Dipti and Caroline produced a most beautiful home that reflected our family’s style and personality. They took care to make use of our existing furniture and collectibles and refurbished whenever possible, refreshing the look of each item, while retaining those things that were meaningful to us. Using their extensive resources, they also curated exquisite pieces that helped to bring much needed interest and cohesion through their sophisticated and fun use of colour, shape and texture.

Throughout the process, Dipti and Caroline were consultative, considered, organised and incredibly creative. Additionally, and without exception, every member of the extended Arete team was approachable, punctual, thorough and, justifiably, took pride in their spectacular work and workmanship.

I can’t thank them enough for the absolutely stunning transformation they worked so hard to achieve for my apartment. After it was finished, I stayed up late, moving throughout the rooms and balcony, enjoying each space as I ate, studied, read, chatted with the kids and relaxed with the dog.

I extend my thanks to the many lovely people who make up the extraordinary Arete team. Dipti and Caroline are both a delight to work with personally and their professionalism and the quality of what they were able to accomplish was second to none.

The product of their efforts and vision has made our new place in Singapore a truly luxurious and welcoming home. Our entire family can look forward each day to spending time in the magnificent space they have so carefully crafted for us.

To everyone at Arete Culture - thank you, thank you so much!
— Deborah A. (USA)

1. Very respectful. They care, listen very carefully to what we say. Their understanding and patience really made this project an exciting event for our whole family.

2. Our house was an old and big townhouse. It had a lot of dead space which we didn’t use very well but knowing that this house could be amazing. Caroline and Dipti really made such a transformation and we really feel so lucky to have met them.

3. They respected and tried hard to keep our budget as much as can. Dipti always answered all my questions despite her busy schedule.

4. They are a truly talented, kind and inspirational team! They really made our life in Singapore truly magical!
— Hanayo Brighton (Japan)

If you are considering engaging Arete Culture Home Styling Services, don’t hesitate! Everything about the company speaks class, sophistication, professionalism and they show pride in all they do! Caroline and her team are awesome in their craft and I am so privileged to have had both Caroline and Nirvi style my place recently!
— Magdalene (Singapore)

”WOW”.....that was my brief; every time i opened the doors to this open plan new build house I wanted to experience the “WOW factor”. Nirvi and Caroline have more than exceeded that with their amazing design, interior styling ideas, creativity and expertise. They have transformed the first floor of this ‘house’ into the most amazing, stylish, comfortable, cozy and grown up family ‘home’.

From my initial store enquiry and subsequent house visit, nothing has ever been too much trouble. Nirvi has responded to my many calls and emails promptly & with constant reassurance. She has the patience of a saint! Both Nirvi and Caroline listened to my ideas and assisted in creating new ones, all of which I once believed were just those of dreams. However, they have turned that dream home into Complete reality, one I’m proud to welcome friends and family from near and far into.

The furniture options sourced saved me countless hours, also offering me bespoke options based on my specific needs/wants/requirements while the overall styling project encompassed many original family pieces of sentimental value. The styling Day itself was seamless, professional and such an exciting experience. On return I opened those doors, stood there in awe of the transformation from before to now and experienced that “WOW”! My husband & I still do! I can’t thank Nirvi and Caroline enough for giving me the beautiful and stylish home of my dreams but one that will transcend across time and countries in the future. THANK YOU!
— Rachael (UK)

It has been more than a month after the makeover, I am still in awe of the work that both Caroline and Dipti have done on the apartment. They both know exactly the look/feel that I am after. They have been very accommodating with the tight timeline. The apartment is just so beautiful without being overly done. My family and I truly enjoy the apartment.
— Irma (Indonesia)

We were not planing to have someone to help us decorate our new place until we have meet the Arete team at their shop at Tan Boon Liat Building. We just entered the shop looking for some items for our powder room and left with beautiful, interesting pieces and tons of decorating tips and ideas given by the lovely Caroline.

After this visit we have decided to ask Caroline and her team to help us out with the rest of the apartment and we could not be happier with this decision. Armed with sophisticated taste and professionalism, the Arete Culture team made the whole transformation process smoothly and fun. They kept us engaged all the time to make sure the final look was tailor made and personalised to our own taste and lifestyle.

Now we have a very beautiful and functional apartment thanks to the dedication of the team. At last we can call this place OUR home. Hope others will be able to enjoy the experience we had and will be as happy as we are.
— Marcelo & Marcus

The team at Arete Culture have done nothing but consistently exceed every expectation I had for quality, creativity, and professionalism. From the first meeting where Caroline and Jennie came to our home to assess our needs, our desires, and the canvas they had to work with, to the proposal stage, early conceptual design, and initial furniture picks, the team set clear goals, clear directions, and proffered well thought out advice. We were convinced to move forward due to their impeccable taste, attention to detail, candour and professional approach.

But this was just the beginning… as the project kicked into gear, the ladies and their colleagues guided us to partners who were aligned to our needs, project managers who set forth and executed the project plan down to the most crucial details, and craftsmen who built out dream pieces in order to complete our collective vision. On the day of the design and reveal itself, a beautiful orchestra commenced in our home… sounds, smells, and colours swirled throughout, a wave of activities and directions; all we could do was watch in awe as our home was transformed from a place we stay to a place we yearn to be in.

The team at Arete Culture has literally created sanctuary for us… a thing of beauty… a gorgeous space we are so proud to call our home... and partnering with them was truly an amazing experience. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough…there are designers and decorators, and then there master of craft… the team at Arete Culture are real artisans. If you are considering redecorating your home and have high standards, do yourself a favour… go see Caroline and Jennie. You will not regret it.
— Charles & Karen (US, China)

Benny and I would like to personally thank you and your fabulous team for taking us through a very exciting journey in renovating our home. We extend our compliments to everyone at Arete Culture and to Caroline in specific for the commitment and dedication throughout the whole process. The quotation was prepared promptly and in good detail. Throughout the design and makeover process, Caroline was able to overcome challenges as we worked to achieve a high-end looking home on a relatively tight decorating budget. We are also overwhelmed with joy that Eric always stands behind their products until everything is perfectly adjusted and all our concerned are properly handled. In deed we are blessed and exceedingly pleased with our first project with you. We will continue without hesitation to praise and recommend your company, and we earnest looking forward to another opportunity to work with you again in our future endeavours.
— Benny & Ada (China, Malaysia)

I’m one of Caroline’s repeat customers and both times, I’ve been extremely impressed by her talents. She has a real eye for how to place furniture in a room that opens up the space and makes it so much more inviting. She figured out where to hang or place family photos and heirlooms, paintings and collectibles from the places we’ve visited around the region, and then mixes in a few of the beautiful items from her shop to pull together a really cohesive arrangement with color and flair, but that has our personality in it. It’s so much fun to watch her transform a very ordinary room into something that’s beautiful to walk into.
— Cynthia S. (US)

Caroline and Nirvi were a dream team. Working within our limited budget and tight timeline, they turned our completely empty, white walled, shell of a house into a cozy, comfortable, baby and adult friendly home. Given that we are renting, they made judicious choices with a mind always towards pieces that would come with us wherever in the world we end up next. We are grateful for their help and hope to work together again in the future.
— Shay & Sarah (US)

We chose Arete Culture services based on a close friend’s recommendation. We’ve been so pleased with the service. Our initial consultation was brief but extremely thorough. In a matter of minutes the stylist had a plan, the right measurements and within a few days a complete proposal. We chose the DIAD service and we’ve loved the results. Carol & her team truly partnered with us to select the pieces that look best but also capture our style. We are thrilled with our new space & the incredible customer service from Carol and her staff. They are truly a talented group!
— Cynthia (US)

We just moved in to the apartment and I needed to make the space our home. When I saw the DIAD service, I thought I’d try it out since I was busy with work and could really use the help. Tracey and Kerry were absolutely lovely to work with. They sat down with me, heard me out, went back and thought about my needs and wants, exchanged a few emails with me, and spent a good chunk of time in my home after that pulling things together! It couldn’t be any easier and I am enjoying the fruits of their labour every single day now. Very happy with the service!
— Jennifer (Singapore)

Arete Culture took my plain historic landed house in Katong and turned it into my own personal retreat. I was assisted through every step of the process to transform my house into a fantastic home. I am very happy with the results and personal service. If you want a company that can do everything you need with taste, style and attention, Arete Culture will meet your every expectation.
— Joseph (USA)

Our growing family recently decided to leave 10 years of condo living in Singapore behind us and move to a house. We had not purchased furniture since we got married over 12 years ago, so we decided it was time to upgrade as part of the move. Initially, my husband and I set out with a ‘do it ourselves’ approach. We quickly discovered that we needed a referee (opps, I mean that we needed help!). That is when we found Caroline and her team at Arete Culture. We had our reservations: Would this cost us a fortune? Would they listen to our wants/needs and make sure they were considered while giving us a ‘new’ home?

Caroline gave us a detailed estimate for the project that included her fees, as well as an estimate for the furniture and merchandise that would need to be purchased. We were able to adjust the budget to meet our requirements and the Arete Culture team came in right on target.

We were involved in the process from start-to-finish and Caroline was always ready to answer our questions and provide us with guidance. Shopping for home goods in Singapore is very different than the United States. You can’t find everything under one roof. The Arete Culture team sources some seriously nice stuff from overseas. If they don’t have what you need, they can either build it or point you in the right direction. Caroline and team saved us DAYS with their knowledge of the local Singapore scene. From a specific hand towel at Ikea to a high-end media cabinet at the local antique shop, they will guide you every step of the way.

That is all well and good, but what about the finished ‘product’? One word…AMAZING! They have created a fabulous space for our family and guests. We love to entertain and you can really see how Caroline took our input into consideration when coming up with our design. Here are some comments from guests at our first few dinner parties:

“This place looks like a 6 star resort.”

“Your guest bathroom is nicer than the one I used at the spa on Sentosa today.”

“Stop talking and show us around, please ignore our jaws that are on the floor.”

We have never found this level of satisfaction with any service provider in Singapore. 1000% recommend!
— The Cooks (USA)

WOW! Caroline has created a magnificent home for us. Having just arrived in Singapore we really wanted a home that was not only aesthetically pleasing to come home to but also a practical one. We came armed with a mixture of furniture from various countries & eclectic pieces picked up through our travels. Caroline was able to pull it all together, with a few gorgeous small additions to make it a warm & beautiful home which reflects our family & our needs. With two small children & a puppy we needed an element of practicality & Caroline had no problem incorporating this into the design. This is a home we absolutely love, a true dream home & one we are so proud to invite guests into. We can highly recommend Caroline & her team to create a home that will be a joy to live in.
— Felice & Jacques (Australia)

I just wanted to send my sincere thank you and acknowledgement for you and your team on improving my nest into a very comfortable and stunning place. During the whole process my hubby and I never worry about anything because you are an excellent person to work with and you solved all problems for us.

I want to congratulate you and your team for your kindness, thoughtfulness, professionalism, skill and your ability to over deliver on all aspects on the make over day. I am well aware of what it takes to achieve customer satisfaction and you certainly did this.

I wish you well with your business, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I come across looking to transform their homes and I would be delighted to provide a reference for you at any time in the future if you require it.
— Evangeline & Cedric (HK, France)

Need to start with thanking juline and dipti for doing such a wonderful job with our house which after the makeover feels like “home” the hard work they put in is commendable and you guys put the effort at our home as if it was your own. from the first day we signed the contract to the day we shifted in and even after that, you were always very approachable and helpful.
once again thank you very very much for everything and i will definitely recommend you guys to all the people i know.
— Chetna (India)

Caroline and her team has turned our place into a beautiful space which we are so proud to call our home!

Right from the start, Caroline was able to quickly grasp the look and feel which we were after and visualise exactly how every little minute detail will come together to create a cohesive overall concept.

She is always just a Whatsapp message away, even when she was out on business trips.

Caroline is also very resourceful. She has good contacts for products and services which we needed.

We are very much bowled over by the transformation Caroline and her team has made to our home and are still amazed by how different the place can look with Caroline’s professional touch.

Working with Caroline was a thoroughly enjoyable and stress-free process as we were confident that everything will come together nicely and within the expected time frame and it did!

We want to thank Caroline for creating the timeless, elegant, picture-perfect and yet comfortable home which we so look forward to coming back to at the end of the day!
— Michelle (Singapore)

Dear Naomi, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and countless hours. You have truly transformed two lifeless kids rooms into areas where they truly enjoy being in.

Naomi created an amazing nursery for my baby girl. She worked with my budget and was able to create the perfect soothing space. Everything was so perfect that when the baby came I didn’t have to go out and get anything!

I feel truly blessed to have Naomi work with me! She is extremely talented and you will love the space she creates for you!
— Sujatha Sheth (India)

Working with Caroline and her team has been an amazing experience. She far exceeded other local designers we had interacted with both in terms of creative concept and execution. You will not get this level of sophistication elsewhere; and despite being highly in demand, she devotes the most astounding level of one-on-one attention to each project.

Throughout this 4 month journey, we have really enjoyed getting to know Caroline and team, and have never failed to be amazed by their:

- Enthusiasm: Caroline’s energy is infectious and we are always inspired to think about how to improve our space after a conversation with her. She has multiple ideas and execution options for each area and was sensitive to our budget and style requirements, taking the time to really get to know and understand our taste
- Communication: Caroline is extremely responsive and we kept in close communication throughout the process, with updates on each change we were making, up to the day of the makeover itself
- Attention to detail: Caroline has phenomenal taste and a sense of how seemingly disparate objects and patterns can come together in a beautiful whole – we were a little reluctant to try things outside of our comfort zone, but are so happy we trusted her expertise and advice, the results were truly amazing
- Phenomenal vendor contacts: For our custom furniture, painting, wallpaper and upholstery requirements, Caroline put us in touch with her preferred vendors, who provided the most wonderful end products and who we really enjoyed working with – this was invaluable in providing high quality execution

We could not be happier living in our “luxe and glamorous” new home! Caroline re-styled pieces we already had in combination with her selected items to create a more coherent and beautiful vision as well as maximize the small amount of space we have (it feels so much bigger!) Our home showcases the best of her team’s expertise while still retaining our personality and style. Now, every time we enter a room in our house, we can’t help but smile.

We would recommend Caroline and team without hesitation and can’t wait to grow our family and move to a bigger home so we can work with her again!
— Tiffany & TK (Singapore)

After reading about Carol all over town and looking at her website, we were so excited to work with her when moving into our new apartment. Under her careful guidance and firm(!) direction, we were able to transform our plain space and large outdoor balcony into a beautiful, multi-purpose “great room” that is stylish, exotic, yet comfortable and perfectly suited to the needs of our family with a 3-year old and new baby. We are very happy with the results and love how she was able to incorporate all of our existing furniture and decorative items into the design while breathing new life into them with the addition of thoughtfully selected furniture and accessories that really made the space pop.

She also brought an interesting and fresh perspective on how and where to place our existing artwork and furniture and impressed us with how she fused inexpensive IKEA products with pricier, rarer pieces in ways that we wouldn’t have thought of. All in all a fun and enjoyable process and we’d be happy to recommend Carol to anyone looking to transform their space into a cozy, elegant home that reflects their own style and personality.
— Sarah & Rob (US, UK)

My wife and I would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to you and your team.

You have truly transformed our apartment from a mereplace of residence to a cozy, warm home. It feels as if the mood of our home has been harmonized with our inner needs. Our home is now a place of solace and peace, a place that nurtures and supports our precious moments with our family and friends.

We’re also amazed at the speed of the transformation. You were able to quickly and accurately understand and translate our desire into the ‘magic makeover’ day. Many of our friends are envious and in awe… I think they’ll be contacting you soon.

And lastly, but importantly… you’ve exceeded our need and expectations in your style and approach to service. You’ve refined the model for the better! Thanks for your warm, professional, respectful and prompt care.
— J. Mitch & Kaoru Frye (US, Japan)

I passed by Arete culture by coincidence while browsing for furniture around Tan Boon Liat building and found this amazing shop with beautiful decoration items and furniture. Definitely worth to visit shop itself!

I wished for some time to change my living room as it had few heavy antique pieces mixed with modern teak furniture and the whole space looked heavy with lots of wood. I shared my problem with Juline and she was on spot with few ideas on how to brighten and soften the space. Arete is offering a design in a day service. Having a makeover and problem solved in a day sounded to me perfect given my limited time and I decided to go for it. Juline took over the project and she was amazing in terms of ideas, responsiveness, professionalism and design knowledge. Also very comforting and kind personality, assessing your needs, but at the same time bold to give suggestions and probe them. During our initial meeting at my place she assessed my taste in terms of style, colour, space, compositions, which was extremely important to me.

She provided her recommendations and her selection of items, which I had a chance to view and pick in Arete’s warehouse before the makeover day. She did an excellent selection to my taste with incredible ideas adding sea elements and white to teal colour. On a makeover day she went beyond the initial agreement, spent more effort than necessary decorating my home and made a place beautiful and beyond my expectations. I would certainly recommend Juline and Arete for any makeovers. Paying attention to customer taste and needs, but at the same time putting individual flavour into the makeover. The result is amazing, the place looks beautiful, relaxed and classy. The home I look much more forward to return to and spend time at. Thanks to Arete and Juline.
— Jozi

Working with Caroline and her super-cool team was nothing short of exceptional - and really fun too! She spent alot of time with my husband & I to really get to know our tastes and objectives for our home design and was informative & supportive along the way. She will make you see things differently and has really transformed our space into our dream home. My kids love it and not surprisingly, we can’t seem to get our friends to leave. Thanks Caroline and team, you guys need to be on TV – not joking!
— Amanda Dyer (Living 360 Media, Mompreneur 360 Magazine)

She has been a god send and has helped create the most beautiful and comfortable living space for me, my husband and our 2 month old baby.
— Susee (Malaysia, US)

My husband and I have lived in Singapore 7 years and when deciding to make the move to Sentosa we also wanted our home to feel like a home. I called Arete Culture and left a message and immediately Caroline called me back. The moment I got off the phone with her I just had a good feeling about my new space. Every meeting we had I trusted and loved Caroline’s vision. The whole process was easy and so well organised for me and with having two small children I felt relaxed about the how process. The day they came to decorate the moment I stepped off my lift I was blown away. Every detail she and her team thought of was just perfect. We are so in love with our space! Our outdoor space, main living space and master bedroom are just perfect. We walk in the doors and our proud to call our new place, home. Caroline’s whole team including her husband Eric are a dream to work with. I highly recommend them!!!! Just need to get them to do the whole house now!!! Thank you Caroline for creating my dream home!!! xo
— Kristina (US)

I love how Caroline and her team injected elegance, dimension and proportion to our home while maintaining its soul and authenticity. Caroline understands the sentimental values of my current furniture and keepsakes and at the same time my desire to bring my home to the next level. With that in mind, she was able to incorporate and compliment the old and new pieces together beautifully through the

My family and I enjoy our new revamped home and we are proud to host dinner parties for our friends and guests. Our two princesses are catching on and they get a kick out of getting compliments from their friends and classmates when they come over for play dates.

Every woman needs a good hair stylist so she can leave the house looking good and a great home stylist so she can come home feeling good! I am so glad to have found mine.
— T.T (Melbourne, Singapore)

Caroline and Naomi are simply a dynamic duo! Their levels of energy and enthusiasm can only excite you even more in transforming your home. They have done such a wonderful job in our home makeover. Who knew our existing furniture could be reused and given a new lease of life! They listen to your needs and wants and come up with something pretty spectacular. Even if you are totally clueless, they help you create your lifestyle vision. Nothing was too much trouble and they are always responsive. It was an extremely quick turnaround. We completely love what they have done to our place ... it is HOME! Thank you Caroline and Naomi. Looking forward to the next phase of our makeover, our bedrooms!
— Joey (Australia, Singapore)

I knew i would love Caroline from the first time i met her.... I liked her spunky personality, full of life and the energy she brings- She immediately had a vision for my home and got a sense of what I like and my family’s style. She’s a hard worker, has lots of experience and has many contacts from painters, upholsters, furniture stores etc... she makes it all happen under a tight deadline and gave us our dream home! I would highly recommend Caroline and i can’t wait to work with her on our next project!
— Lina (US)

It was a blast working with Carol over the past few months. I had so much fun getting to know her. She has a fantastic work ethic and has set an extremely high standard for herself as well as her crew. She spent the time getting to know our family and styled a space that reflects our needs, interests and personal style. I am seriously impressed with what she’s done with the space and pieces that we have. We love our new space so much and while it’s ironic, I’m almost looking to our next move so that I can use Carol again. It’s (a bit) addictive. Thank you Carol and her sister for coming on makeover day. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Carol and would be very supportive of recommending her to anyone looking to add that wow factor to your space.
— Audrey and Evan (Singapore, US)

Thank you very much for your help in converting our living room into a warm, inviting and relaxing space. The soft furnishings and colours you have chosen have made such a big difference to the look and feel of the room. My daughters and husband love the way the items complement each other and everything looks great ! Wishing you much success in your future endeavours and will definitely give you a call for our future projects.
— Cynthia (India)

For the first time in many years and many moves, I was not really happy with my home…I felt it had a lot of potential but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. The living room appeared to be a challenge to decorate as the floor was dark red marble, and my Asian antiques in dark brown wood made the space a bit severe and “lifeless”. I thought it was time to look for a professional home stylist. When Caroline went to my home she immediately shared some great ideas on how to rearrange the furniture, lighten the space and create some flow and energy in the room. She also had creative ideas, suggesting to repurpose a room into a second TV/kids room, and reorganize the terrace. I immediately liked her enthusiasm and creativity. I then visited her 2 shops and really appreciated the style and atmosphere, so I decided to literally give her the keys to my house.

We are now two weeks in our “new” home and still absolutely amazed by how she was able to transform it leveraging on all of our exiting furniture and collectibles, just adding all details to create a stunning, lively, so comfortable, cozy -almost luxurious- atmosphere. She made the French expression “l’essentiel est dans l’accessoire” very true… Caroline also has a remarkable network of partners (flowers, furniture, bed and bathroom linen…) with excellent quality at affordable prices, and she comes with a list of recommendations which enable you to restyle your home while keeping the theme and atmosphere she wants to build.

Last but not least, she will take the necessary time to get her job to full completion, even after the big Makeover day, if some pieces are still missing. She is a great professional. A Big Thank You Caroline!
— Amelie (France)

2 months have passed since our home styling and Steven and I still can’t believe how our home looks and feels so beautiful. Honestly, we were sceptics before we met you and now, we are huge fans and happily referring your work.

We love and admire your aesthetic values and design vision which totally blew our expectations off the charts in a great way! Simply can’t believe how you managed to pull everything so stylishly together; we had a seemingly impossible mix of furniture & accessories that included modern pieces, old Asian furniture and retro art deco stuff among others.

Not only do we adore the final result, we must admit we thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey from the get-go. You never judged our original house and how it looked then. Instead you inspired us with your passion and enthusiasm as if you were styling your own home. Gave us the confidence and courage to try new design ideas which paid off handsomely in the end. Referred your network of excellent retailers and service providers who were professional and enhanced our overall experience. Gently yet firmly made us do our part in the process leading up to the actual day makeover so that we became active participants eagerly preparing and anticipating…. and WOW! You gave us a stunning home that we can’t wait to go back to everyday.

We have had several house parties and received rave compliments all round. Thank you so much for everything!
— Steven (Australia) and Ching (Singapore)

Having moved into my new home at Emery Point for close to 2 years but had never finished the furnishing and decorations due to many priorities and the fact that I just wasn’t able to find the key pieces I had imagine in my head, I was so thrilled when I chanced upon a partially open store at Tan Boon Liat building. The store was tucked at a very corner of this old building, but once inside, I was captivated by the beautiful, exquisite pieces of paintings, mirrors and furnishing accessories. The modern yet classic pieces and the seascape style was exactly what I was looking for.

While I was browsing to pick up a few items, my husband overhead the staff explaining their styling services to another customer. I took a business card, went home, browsed their portfolio and took a virtual tour of their flagship store on the website. After meeting Caroline for an onsite visit at my home, I knew I didn’t need to look any further. She was full of passion and ideas and she listened to my requirements. We just needed 2 meetings, a few email/whatsapp exchanges and about 4 hours of actual styling to transition my once starked-looking house to a cosy new home. I adopted all of Caroline’s ideas and simply love how each of the spaces now is transformed to look finished, luxurious and yet cosy.

Caroline also worked within the agreed budget planned and she had great after service as well, so it was an enjoyable, exciting and stress free experience.
— Brenda (Singapore)

It’s been four days since my makeover and I’m still in awe everytime I step off the lift into our apartment. Immediately it NOW feels like home, when days prior it felt like I just lived here. I am so thankful for finding you, your sister and team! You always made time for me and made me feel like I was your only customer. And I just knew you were the right person for what I wanted, when I read all the positive reviews about you and Arete Culture.

I loved how you took what I had, from all my many moves, and pulled it all together! You knew what pieces I needed to purchase, yet while being understanding of my budget. And you took those new pieces with the old and WOW…made a stunning, jaw-dropping apartment. I think you managed to use everything I had, nothing went to waste. And you added such nice touches as family photos that make it MY home.

Thanks again, and I can’t stop smiling. Thank you so much for taking a stressful period of time in my life, and turning it into a happy, positive one.
— Karen W. (USA)

Over the years, our family had accumulated various keepsakes and art objects from travels around the region. We were downsizing to a smaller apartment, yet at the same time, we wanted to make the space more inviting and functional for entertaining, as we hoped to do more of it. Caroline was the perfect professional to consult. She is a great listener and has an amazing eye for how to coordinate what we already owned, while supplementing with beautiful objects from her shop. She made one visit to our home and took lots of snapshots. Many of our collectibles were traditional Asian and folk art made with dark wood, as was most of the furniture. She had great ideas for how to lighten the space and complement the traditional pieces with modern ones. She then sent me a plan with a list of estimated costs. This gave my husband and me a chance to discuss what was within our budget. She started sending us photos of different pieces of furniture to get our reaction, and quickly got a sense of our tastes. She also asked me to come to her shop, and gauged my reaction to different items. She gently but firmly guided us on what to do to get ready for the Makeover (painting a piece of dark wood furniture a lighter color, purchasing flower arrangements in advance etc). On the day of the Makeover, she came with two assistants and a handyman, and lots of different pillows and accessories from her shop that I could choose from. Within 5 hours, she had transformed our home. It was so much fun to watch her in action with all her creative juices flowing. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.
— Cynthia S. (USA)

Dear Caroline

Thank you to you and your team for the planning and hard work in the transformation of our showroom space.

I really really (x100) appreciate the fact that you understood what we wanted, that we needed to showcase a lot of products and you did it. How you pulled everything together was amazing.

Our showroom feels so beautiful & relaxed now it just puts everyone in a good mood, I am amazed what a difference it makes!

Above all, it was a wonderful experience working with all of you, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we look forward to working with you on many more projects.
— Danielle (Owner of Just Anthony)

Firstly let me say, I have never written a testimonial for anyone but I am so impressed with Arete Culture at how professional they were and what a great job they did on our home makeover.

I am astonished at how the addition of some new soft furnishing, reorganising of our existing furniture and display items (of course with a talented styling eye) could transform our place to a completely different look. We are very pleased with the result and love our new stunning home. We have received many compliments from friends of our beautiful home.

From the proposal to the styling day, everything was done with professionalism, integrity, on time, and to the budget. Caroline is always so cheerful and her infectious, full-of-energy personality made the home makeover project fun and exciting. My only complaint is I didn’t find her sooner! Thank you Caroline and Nadine.
— Trang (Australia)

This is the second apartment that Caroline has helped turn into a home for me. She has an innate ability to elevate my personal aesthetic and infuse it with modern elegance and good taste. Little touches add whimsy, which truly makes the space my unique sanctuary. The day of the transformation is akin to watching performance art. I am amazed by the whirlwind of seemingly random items that becomes cohesive flow throughout the home.

Caroline, you have a gift. Beyond creating beautiful home interiors, both experiences with you were a joy. Thank you and I wish you many more successes to come.
— Su (Singapore)

Arete Culture was recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. Amber came over to the house and really listened to my objectives (odd shaped living room and very dark) and took on board my colour preferences, budget etc. She patiently came up with a number of options for me to consider. The best part of the service is that Arete Culture brings a number of accessory options from their own stock on the day of the styling. This allows you to see what things really look like in your own home before buying. In Singapore, where refunds / exchanges/ long delivery times are so difficult, this is a massive plus. It helps that their stock is gorgeous and there is absolutely no pressure to buy. I would recommend them without hesitation.
— Grainne (Ireland)

After 10 magical years in one of these historic buildings, we found ourselves in a rut — an eclectic collection of pieces, accumulated over many years, each with its own sentimental value, but little that was really complementary. We knew we needed some fresh eyes on the place, a vision that wasn’t labouring under a decade of familiarity.

I did some research and found Carol and thought there was little to lose in having her see the house and propose some changes. I liked what I saw and the decision to give Carol and her team from Arete artistic license and discretion was straightforward. I was under time pressure; the need for a quick implementation owing to an imminent house party was part of the brief, and they delivered with minimal fuss. Curation of pieces to complement the existing artefacts was swift and installation took place in one day.

My husband, a natural sceptic, was pleasantly surprised at the change that was effected in a short space of time with a relatively modest outlay. I could not recommend Carol and her team more highly if you are looking for a new perspective on a room or a whole house.
— Kimberly (UK)

Dedicated, talented and many more superlative words! Caroline and Nadine were nothing less than amazing. They were able to understand our needs and execute it way beyond our imaginations. Would highly recommend them!

Thank you!
— Deborah (Singapore)

I wish I’d got this contact when I got here. We had Caroline from Arete Culture help us with accessories to make over our place. I was pleased with the main pieces we had already purchased but it wasn’t all coming together the way I wanted and I don’t have the time to go shopping place by place.

Caroline used literally everything we already had but moved things around, adding new throw pillows and a lot of accessories that tied it all together. She listened to what I like and what I wanted then brought multiple options to the house so I could try them in situ and pick what worked best.

I’d highly recommend her. I went from hating my couches (hating them) to loving the new look. It’s what I wanted from the start.
— Amy (USA)

How do you take your existing furnishings, collected over time and through travel, and give them a fresh look? That’s precisely what Caroline and Alissa from Arete Culture accomplished in our home in a matter of days. Brightening up walls, rearranging art placement, creating a new seating nook with area rugs, and carefully assisting in selecting ways to display existing objets d’art with new timeless pieces are just part of what was accomplished in our home. The outdoors now blends beautifully with the indoors. Our home is now a sanctuary for us and is a more inviting space to entertain friends and family.
— Christy (USA)

Caroline was a pleasure to work with on bringing more of Bali, the tropics and color into my home in a classic, modern way. Her ideas were creative and fresh, and Caroline was extremely professional. Caroline never pushes her ideas on you - she makes sure you are comfortable with everything and incorporates your keepsakes seamlessly into the new decor. I was especially appreciative of Caroline’s long term approach. Caroline understands that we are expats and will move every few years, ensuring that all the pieces and color schemes in each room would work together seamlessly in a different home. In addition to sprucing up our family room, sitting area, and master bedroom, I asked Caroline to decorate my teenager’s room and she absolutely LOVED it! She calls it her “dream room”. Thanks Caroline - you are terrific!
— Julie Stuckmann (USA)

Before my room transformation, my room was plain, cluttered and unorganized. Afterwards, my room was color coordinated and transformed with beautiful colors, pillows, and organizational decorations. I was incredibly impressed with Caroline’s work because she used my input about what theme I wanted my room to be, and turned my room into that theme while also organizing it, and using the space wisely. I hardly recognized my room once her work was done - it is my dream room! I want to thank her for turning my room into a vibrant, cheerful place. I absolutely love it!
— Julie's daughter, Sydney (USA)

We have never really written a testimonial before mainly because we are not good in expressing ourselves. Nevertheless, we are writing this to thank you for helping us with styling our home. It has been such as a great and eye opening experience to see how a talented stylist could transform an otherwise plain abode to a stylish one.

You have a gift in understanding the requirement of customer thoroughly with just a visit and a briefing. It’s amazing that you could deliver 100% of the vision, and see things with a great aesthetic perspective. Thank you for making us a proud owner of this luxurious and elegant home, which we love going back to. Looking forward to your help for our next home and would be proud to recommend Arete Culture to our friends.
— Emily (Singapore)

There are no words to express how happy I am with my home makeover! Everything was beyond my expectations, from the little details Caroline put into each piece of decoration to the very choice of colors and textures. She understood exactly what I wanted.

Caroline’s enthusiasm and easygoing personality made the whole process such a fun experience. ‘WOW!’ was my daughter’s and husband’s reaction when they came home. In just a few hours, Caroline had transformed my home into a Dream Home! I can’t but praise her and her team for your amazing job and professionalism!
— Hang (France and Singapore)

Caroline - Thank you so much for the fabulous birthday makeover - it’s everything I hoped it would be... and beyond. A lovely pop of colour through great accessories added to my existing pieces has transformed my rental to a true home. We can’t wait to invite everyone over! Many thanks to you and all the team for your planning and hard work, I truly am very grateful. Thank you for the lovely finished photos; they are beautiful and I have enjoyed sharing them with friends and family.
— Tara Hassett (UK)

Dear Caroline,

It was such a pleasure to work with you! I would like to take this opportunity to be a personal reference for the quality of your work and personal touch.

My husband thinks you have added a lot to our home! We specifically liked the way you were able to use our existing items and build them into a much better look and feel! Our place now looks AMAZING!

We wish you all the best in your business!
— Bruce & Allison Dahlgren (USA)

Caroline did an amazing job of transforming my living area and outdoor area and giving it a whole new life! She injected color into the space and chose the perfect accessories to complement the items I already owned, blending both together perfectly. The result is a polished, “put together” space that feels both sophisticated and cozy.

The makeover day experience was a pleasure, with Caroline having sorted all the details so the process was totally smooth and seamless, with no hassle whatsoever. Her attention to detail and eye for design is impeccable, and I can finally say I love my apartment. Now it truly feels like a home, thanks to Caroline!
— Lindsay Edelheit (USA)

Caroline worked with us to makeover our open plan dining/living and outdoor space. She does a wonderful job in identifying a client’s taste and style and incorporating that into any work she does for you. She has a great sense of colour/style and final vision. The end result is a masterful culmination of what she envisions as a professional designer and the look and feel desired by the client. We love the result! It has been a pleasure to work with Caroline and I am sure we will call upon her again.
— Nicole and Brandon (Ireland)

Dear Caroline,

We would like to thank you for the superb job you have done with our home. Finally after 6 years of living in Singapore in rented properties we finally feel like it is our home! What you have done with our existing pieces and the new pieces you have helped me source or brought in from your exquisite showroom is truly amazing. Everything flows so great inside and out. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and nothing ever seems too much for you to handle. Again thank you so much from both Phil and I, we absolutely love our new space!
— Stacey & Phil (USA)

Hubby and I are both thrilled with our new house! Thank you for creating such a stylish, welcoming, practical home for us. I had some friends over this weekend - all were impressed with our new look! I enjoyed entertaining again. Thanks!
— Kirsty (Australia)

Working with Caroline to redecorate our home was a fantastic experience. From the moment she first walked into our home she quickly and expertly understood our style and how we wanted to decorate our home. She spent a lot of time listening to our ideas and working our suggestions into her decorating ideas. The decorating plan felt very much like a collaborative process, with Caroline refining our rough ideas and making them into something special. Above all, her ideas were the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Caroline was great in the lead-up to makeover day. She used most of our existing furniture and accessories to make sure that we kept our style and to keep costs down - two priorities for us. For the things we did need to purchase, Caroline recommended many different shops around Singapore that we had not heard of previously but suited our needs perfectly. When we had questions about some of her recommendations or had ideas of our own, she responded to our emails quickly and courteously.

The day of the make-over also went off without a hitch - she brought very professional assistants and handymen to our place to assist with the project. The entire time was efficient and the redecorating was extremely successful. We love our new place!
— Lia & Matthew (USA)

This is the first time that we have moved to live in an apartment and I was nowhere close to feeling comfortable. Today I love my apartment and the whole credit goes to Arete Culture! I could feel the professionalism fused with energy and warmth when I first called Caroline. She was amazingly quick to put together a very detailed project plan explaining different possible options and stages. Caroline has a strong ability to assess your likes and dislikes after meeting you first time at your place.

The trip to her lovely, inspirational and tranquilizing showroom made me feel that I should get some of the pieces straight away to my place. Though Caroline mainly uses all of your exsisting furniture during the make over but she can also help to get some antique furniture at a very reasonable price.

Caroline is always there for you. She has very happily answered all my questions on weekends, late nights and last minute even after her being involved in many projects!! She takes your style, wishes, and decisions 100% on board during the make over but also suggests some very effective ways to change the look of the place. This makes you feel that a friend is helping you to get your place done. Caroline puts her heart and soul in each project and it is very evident from the delivered projects.

The result of the first phase was so amazing that I asked her to come and complete my whole house straightway and she happily accomodated our wish. I will not hesitate to recommend Caroline to all of them who want to convert their places into beautiful homes.

Your immense help is very much appreciated Caroline.
— Sunita (India)

Working with Caroline at Arete Culture has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. Caroline has transformed our rental house into our home.

When we moved into the house I did not enjoy the space but over 4 separate visits it has been transformed into a space that I not only love to be in but I want to share with my friends.

Knowing that the transformation was significant, Caroline and I sensibly broke it into mini projects which ensured I was making progress without being too overwhelming or time consuming. Overall Caroline has transformed the following spaces:

Master bedroom - now my sanctuary which feels like I am staying at a 5 star hotel every night
Dining room and living room - wonderful light filled spaces that I want to share with friends
and love entertaining in
Entrances - signatures to our home and a warm and inviting welcome
Two outdoor spaces - casual yet elegant with an easy flow from outdoor to in and vice versa
Caroline brings so much energy to everything that she does which is one of the reasons that I love working with her. She has an amazing talent and eye for design that she shares with such enthusiasm and speed. She enters the house in a whirlwind of boxes and activity and leaves the house completely transformed. As her client, Caroline has always been completely available to me whenever I have a request or inquiry. Knowing how incredibly busy she is, she always manages to make you feel like her number 1 priority.

Overall, I cannot recommend Caroline and Arete Culture enough. The transformations made to my home have been incredible. Caroline listens to her clients and is practical in her suggestions and recommendations. The Arete culture products I have purchased from her have been unique and become features in my home. I look forward to working on the next project with Caroline and Arete Culture!
— Deb Christensen (Australia)

Carol and her team did a wonderful job of helping us transform our new apartment into a warm and inviting home. We were impressed with her efficiency, flexibility, and her keen attention to detail. Carol made use of and repositioned our existing furniture with new accents, and also helped us select new items - blending aesthetics with functionality. We would happily recommend her to friends and family.
— Pooja and Jay (India and USA)

Our new condo was astounding when we walked into it. All our furnitures were beautifully arranged, or rather I would say rearranged by Caroline in a beautiful manner. Moving from a 7500 sq feet landed house into a 2800 sq feet condo with all our existing furniture was no easy task. But Caroline made it look so simple. There were our old antiques and Caroline’s new soft furnishings and accesories, all the pieces went in perfect harmony. The house was completely transformed with Caroline’s magical touch.Thank you once again, Caroline.
— Ahmed and Madiha (India)

I recently engaged Caroline for the second time after we moved house and I needed some help to pull together the interiors of our new home. Moving from a condo into a house gave us a lot of extra space that we needed to use both wisely and differently and Caroline’s expertise in positioning furniture, pictures and other possessions was invaluable. With her great advice I will be putting a few finishing touches to the house in the coming months and will be sure to call into her new showroom for some extra sparkle to add to our home. Thanks Caroline, highly valued and recommended as always:)
— Sally Carrol (Australia)

We provided Caroline with a particular look and theme for our new apartment, which represented a more masculine, loft-style look, with layering of browns, blues, greys and neutral colours. She understood exactly what we were looking for, remained faithful to the theme, and was able to make optimum use of the space in the living and dining areas.

Caroline provided excellent recommendations for furniture sourcing and other interior retailers, which were all reasonably priced and represented value for money, and we integrated a number of quality accessories from Caroline’s own collection as well.

Caroline was responsive and attentive from the initial consultation through to the actual installation, which was implemented on time and very efficiently, with support from her capable team.

All in all, Caroline kept to the budget, met the overall brief, and delivered to our satisfaction, and we would definitely use her again for the next project.
— Celine and Rob (UK)

We are extremely happy with the work Caroline and Arete Culture undertook at our condo. The transformation exceeded our expectations and we were delighted with the impact all of her suggestions had on the overall appearance, flow and impact of the primary living space. Our living space is finally “put together” and looks more welcoming and spacious thanks to some clever furniture re-arranging. Caroline definitely has a gifted eye for colour coordination, space planning, flow and general aesthetics. She was able to quickly identify what we needed, provide clear instructions on what to prepare and worked efficiently on the actual makeover day to transform our home. The best part is that Caroline was able to undertake the transformation pretty much using our existing furniture (save a few plants/decorative items). Friends who have seen the “before” and “after” commented on how much more coordinated, appealing and spacious our home now looks after Caroline’s involvement.

Our only suggestion is to go into the process with an open mind and trust their design & colour sense during your home makeover.

A big thank you to Arete Culture for improving our quality of life.
— Paul Kitamura (USA)

Having just engaged Arete Culture’s home styling services, I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She totally transformed our foyer, sitting room, dining room and patio from flat, drab and monotonous to ‘wow’! I was very impressed by how she used my existing furniture but yet managed to completely reimagine the downstairs and outside space in a way that would never have occurred to me, adding colour, texture and depth to create a really beautiful home that not only looks amazing but now really ‘works’ on a practical level for our busy family.

I am also indebted to her for sharing her knowledge and advice on where to buy the best furniture on a budget. Caroline has tremendous energy and enthusiasm and a wonderful eye for design and colour that I think would elevate any space howsoever small and humble into something stunning. She truly is a home styling ‘fairy godmother’!
— Emma Gordon (Ireland)

I can’t thank Caroline from Arete Culture enough for transforming our dull, uninspiring house into a truly magnificent space which I am pleased to call HOME. Upon seeing my master bedroom, I was moved to tears as I have never had the opportunity to “make over” my home in the past. Caroline was approachable and affordable. She also worked with existing items we already owned and breathed new life into them. A truly wonderful and talented woman who I would have no hesitation in recommending to friends and family from here on in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Nicole Booth (Australia)

We recently moved and decided to use Arete Culture’s services for a second time. Once again, Caroline did an amazing job making our house a home! She created a fabulous Master Bedroom suite that is breathtaking and feels like a luxury hotel room. In addition, our new home has a fantastic outdoor area which we haven’t had before, therefore Caroline was instrumental in helping design the space and source furniture. She created a perfect outdoor living area for family time and entertaining guests.
— Christi Novomesky (USA)

We are so glad we chose Caroline for our home makeover. We live in a beautiful penthouse condo with a spectacular rooftop terrace. But our home lacked the fine details and artist’s eye to bring out the “wow factor.” Caroline offered a completely customized solution for what we were looking for, with options ranging from light accessorizing to total makeover. We chose the dramatic option and couldn’t be happier.

Caroline helped us choose the perfect anchor furniture pieces, and layered on subtle accessories, turning our home into something right out of a magazine. My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner.
— Melissa and John (USA)

Thank you for transforming our home into a beautiful and comfortable living space. I’m so thrilled with the result and love every single thing you did to make our space functional and stunning. The process was completely stress free, quick and easy. I can’t believe how quickly you were able to transform our home. I expected it to take months and instead it was transformed in one day, only a few weeks after our first meeting. Your professionalism and no pressure approach made me feel comfortable immediately. And, the absolute best part is that it still feels like OUR home. Your ability to use almost every keepsake and accessory we already had makes it feel like our own space. I will enthusiastically recommend you to any of my friends. We absolutely love our new home and can’t thank you enough!
— Jenny George (USA)

Carol and the Arete Culture team are absolutely amazing to work with. She transformed my three level condo into a stunning, contemporary home within two short days. Carol has the creative eye for selecting furniture and soft home ware accessories, while taking into consideration your budget and personal style. The color scheme from one section to another all flows seamlessly and effortlessly. All her art and photo prints that she suggested also further compliment the overall styling scheme of our home. Most importantly, she incorporated most of our existing furniture and home accessories when ever possible, while maintaining functionality in mind with two young children.

Carol and her team are extremely professional and organized, which is important to ensure a pleasant and stress free experience for her clients. Considering how many projects she is juggling at one time, you always feel that you are her only project. Thank you Carol and your wonderful team for our new lovely home. We have proudly hosted our friends since the styling makeover and received several compliments! I will happily recommend you to all my friends and business associates.
— Stella (USA)

Dearest Caroline

All I can say is thank you.

You have transformed my home from simply cosy to glamorous and elegant, yet still with my own personality showing through. Your eye for detail and arrangements somehow all seem to pull together to give my home the WOW factor. I was truly thrilled when I walked in the door and saw what you had created and I love the new pieces you chose for me, they all fit so well.

Your ability to rearrange so many of my own things and add a few pieces here and there, have truly revolutionised my home. I love the colour scheme as well.

It looks so wonderful and glamorous at long last. You are truly amazing, thank you again.
— Jennifer Fox (South Africa)


Shamik was speechless for at least a minute (difficult to achieve). Then he said, in reaction: “Oh my God, I love it!”

You have a real gift!! We are thrilled with how everything turned out. Can’t wait to get the framed items situated! Truly, thank you so much. It looks stunning.
— Ro (USA)

I have moved 7 times, lived in 4 states, and on 3 continents in the last 14 years. For the first time I was weary and leery of another move. I just wanted to feel settled and at home- not walk in to my current place of residence and feel struck by its temporariness. Seeking help from Caroline at Arete was one of the first decisions I made upon landing in Singapore and has proven to be the best. I challenged her with a blank slate and a hodge podge of items collected in our multiple moves and many travels. I asked her to make a space for us to truly live in that reflected who we are, where we have been and where we are currently. Carolina and Christina breezed in and within two days took our new space and made an amazing transformation. Space was created where I would have thought there was no room, simple changes such as a pillow here and a piece of furniture moved there resulted in a extremely comfortable, beautiful home that I would have personally never have dreamt of left to my own devices. I made Caroline extremely nervous following her around not saying much; however, it is not everyday one is afforded the opportunity to watch a master at work. Caroline commented that she loves her job and it truly shows in her careful attention to detail. I would go so far as to say it is not just a job but also a passion that runs deep. Every time I walk into a room in my house - I smile with satisfaction and feel a sense of peace. I may never leave this new home of mine!
— Tara (USA)

I recently engaged Caroline to help me pull our home together after our most recent move in late 2012. Following the move, the house felt half-finished for 8 months until I made a call to Caroline.

She came in with fresh ideas on how we could utilise our existing furniture in addition to some new pieces and soft furnishings. Following a busy sourcing period in which we were both travelling, we managed to scheduled one big ‘home makeover’ day and the results now speak for themselves.

We finally feel ‘at home’ and are really pleased with the results, I wouldn’t have known so many small touches would make a difference!

Special mention should be made of Caroline’s patience throughout the whole process...there were a couple of things that I would not compromise on and she persisted until we found the right solution and I was entirely happy.

I would highly recommend Caroline, her work is thoughtful and customer centric. Added to this, she is a lot of fun, down-to-earth and a pleasure to work with.
— Sally (Australia)

I first met Carol when she generously sponsored a charity event in which I was involved, so when we moved house recently I gave her a call. I’m so glad that I did. Her creativity, attention to detail and understanding of our needs has transformed a bland house into a warm home.

Carol has the patience of a saint. She spent quite a bit of time investigating the ‘blank canvass’ of our black & white house before making any suggestions. She has a real ‘gut feel’ for what works, immediately suggesting ideas and colours that I would never have considered. She also has a real understanding of the cost of moving house, so makes sure that she ‘recycles’ existing pieces of furniture and art before recommending additional purchases. A visit to her warehouse is a must though, as she has collected some beautiful things from her travels, each at affordable prices. She finds space in places that I didn’t think we had any, and uses balance and proportion in everything that she does.

Part of me was dreading the idea of someone coming through our house, changing everything to her taste rather than mine. It was such a relief to learn that Carol is neither pushy nor pretentious and is determined to ensure that she makes your home right for you. The ‘makeover’ afternoon was fun and filled with giggles as Carol powered through the house like a whirlwind.

Our eldest daughter described Carol as ‘the best designer in the world’ and wants her bedroom to be Carol’s next project. I am certainly looking forward to the next phase of our redecoration with Carol and would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody else.
— Anna (Ireland and UK)

I have been keeping a cut out from the March issue of Expat Living magazine last year about Caroline’s work for while. I was so intrigued by her abilities to transform a room. This year we moved from an apartment to a bigger landed house so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to call Caroline. I must say my husband did not liked the idea but I convince him that Caroline will come first only for a free consultation.

Caroline is full of energy and of course her decoration skills and ideas delighted us. It was a big YES from both my husband and I. Caroline was very attentive during the whole process and guided us to choose the most suitable pieces for our home. We are absolutely amazed by the transformation she has done to our place and she used mostly the pieces we already had.

Thanks a lot Caroline for the fantastic work!
— Giovanna Volzke (Brazil and Australia)

Dear Carol

The minute I knew we were moving I wanted to book a day for you to come and cast your wonderful eye over the furnishings and arrange them in their new places and I am so glad I did!!

I cannot thank you enough for what you did to the lounge and dining area most especially. They look absolutely stunning and I love how you have re-arranged the same things in a brand new way as well as pick up a few pieces that were elsewhere in the old house and given them a new lease of life in the new house by placing them with different furniture and furnishings. It looks absolutely amazing.

I was so excited to run downstairs this morning and stare in wonder at the room all over again. My husband loved the end product as much as I did and has commented a few times on how fantastic it is.

Even though the lounge/dining were the main focus, the tv room, outdoor area and master bedroom did not go unnoticed. I like the repositioning of the cabinet in the MBR and the paintings are in a great spot. The downstairs outdoor area is a lovely extension of the house inside and your re-arrange of the outdoor furniture has very cleverly opened up the space. The TV room looks more pulled together and finished.

Carol, as before you have done a fabulous job. I don’t know how you create such beautiful spaces with such ease and skill. You are very talented at what you do. We love our new living space and have you to thank for that.
— Cassie (Australia)

Dear Caroline,

I cannot thank you enough for how you completely transformed my apartment. When I realized that my family and I were only using half of our living and dining area based on our own placement of furniture and art, I suspected we needed some good, professional home styling advice. We tried rearranging things several times on our own, but hit a wall. Your keen sense of space, color, and texture not only helped us to maximize our use of our space, but also created a clean and cozy look and flow that is great for entertaining or simply lounging at home by ourselves.

I really appreciate that you used our existing furniture and helped us select a few new furniture and home furnishing pieces that enhance what we already have. I also appreciate that you tried to understand our lifestyle to create a comfortable, but also sophisticated decor that is sustainable for a home with a young child. The few pieces that you recommended we get, which we might not have selected on our own, are now among our favorites. When we told you which photographs, paintings or other artifacts were special to us - you made every effort to highlight those pieces in way that we could not have imagined.

Having my own somewhat strong opinions on art and furniture, I was initially a bit uncertain of whether or not seeking professional advice was right for us. However, I am so glad that we took that chance. You, Amber and your team really did so much more than simply move furniture around. You created a space which we use and like much more than before. We also feel happier spending time in and simply lingering in all of the indoor and outdoor spaces, which you transformed.

I now fully appreciate how talented you are at what you do and also what a difference “a fresh pair of eyes” - yours in this case - can make. You and your team were great to work with, and I would certainly recommend your services to anyone that has “hit a wall” like we did or just wants to enjoy a lovely space that reflects the best of their own personality, but brought alive by you.

Thanks again.
— Parul, Hemant and Arjun Kalbag (USA and India)

Carol came over to my apartment to revamp my bachelor pad into something resembling a home. What a difference! She made space where there was none before, found walls to hang my considerable collection of paintings and prints, found places to put my collection or ornaments from traveling the last 17 years and generally made the place look so livable and comfortable”.

I am still pinching myself that this is MY apartment!

If you need a fresh eye to makeover your house or apartment, Carol is the force of change you need. She has a superb eye for detail, taps into your personality and brings that out with the things you own. If she asks you to buy some ‘essentials’, go with her recommendations. These small details make all the difference. If you are tired of the look of your abode, Carol is the answer. What a woman! Thanks so much for all your help. I have absolutely no hesitation is recommending her to anyone who needs a new look for their place and have already told many of my friends about her talent. Fantastic job well done!
— Paul (UK and Australia)

I happily recommend the services provided by Caroline at Arete Culture. We moved last month to the apartment directly above us (go figure), and I wanted a new look using things I already had. I felt my current decor was becoming a little “tired” and knew it could be spruced up but not sure how. Christmas was the following week, our son was arriving in three days, and I really wanted to feel completely settled.

Before we moved, I called Caroline at Arete Culture and scheduled a consultation. She assessed what we had in place already, talked about what changes we could make, and asked that I pull things out of closets that I thought might be used in the new scheme. She came with two helpers two days after our move and in the next several hours transformed our entire apartment into something fresh and new, colorful and lovely, without our having to purchase anything new except an orchid plant! A lot of previously undisplayed treasures were incorporated, some others were rearranged in a more focused way, less enticing ones were put away in the closets.

Our living room furniture was arranged in a manner much more welcoming and conducive to entertaining and conversation. The mover’s handyman arrived to hang our art and wall displays, and Caroline was an immense help in grouping things in beautiful ways. I felt I learned a lot from Caroline about color, display and design; she definitely had a vision for us, and I just let her “create” in a way that was very satisfying both to myself and to Caroline. I was so pleased with the results, as was my husband, who came home from work not believing the transformation! We were so gratified to have things completely done by Christmas and our son’s arrival.

I still look around my apartment and feel so good about it all! It’s just lovely and serene.
— Janelle More (USA)

Caroline is amazing. After one meeting, she seemed to understand my taste and was able to work with our family’s lifestyle to create a comfortable, but elegant home. She transformed our main living areas and our master bedroom. Where we had stark white space, we now have splashes of color and homeiness. What I really love about what Carolyn did was how she managed to make our house look decorated and put together, but still comfortable and lived-in. She’s truly wonderful at what she does. She’s also very flexible and understanding, and was able to work with (and around!) our lack of experience with design and our indecisiveness. She was very patient, and guided us but never pushed her vision on us. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Jennifer Trainor (USA)

I first read about Caroline in Expat Living Magazine, and seeing her before / after pictures, I was thinking that this would be a great experience and that I would love to see our apartment “refreshed”. When we first had Caroline home, I was absolutely convinced that she was someone we could trust to do a good job! She is full of energy and obvious good taste! She understood immediately what kind of decor we would like and would be suitable for our character / age. She was never pushy or trying to force us buy stuff but she was only very good advice and helped us put everything all together harmoniously! She was also very fast in her replies and to organize our home make-over.

We had a great experience with her, enjoyed spending time with her and will recommend her to anyone who is looking to change their home look and feel while wanting it to still feel very much at home.
— Emilie and Alain (France)

I saw Caroline and her business Arete Culture featured in the March 2012 issue of Expat Living. Straight away I knew Caroline was what I needed to complete the look of our home. After several moves around the world, we had collected some lovely furniture, artwork and little bits and pieces - but it wasn’t complete. Everytime you move, you are trying to make the same pieces work in a different space and it often ends up looking unfinished.

I got in touch with Caroline and she came by for an initial consultation. We looked at the spaces, discussed colour and lifestyle. Caroline came back with an approximation of cost and her wonderfully creative ideas on how to give our home that lift and tie it all together. I went ahead and booked a time for the makeover. I couldn’t wait!

Caroline arrived with her large boxes full of gorgeous treasures and bags full of cushions and set to work. After just 30 minutes, you could see a transformation taking place - the colours marrying together, pieces that previously looked dull began to pop, the room lightened and gained some sophistication in the process. The inside and outside flowed - everything had a new lease of life. The end result is truly amazing. We now have our home looking so much better. When my oldest daughter saw it, she said “Mummy I feel like I am in heaven”!

Caroline was really lovely to deal with. She is creative, patient and friendly. She offers suggestions, but never pushy and puts 100% effort in to make sure you are thrilled with the end result. We are very thrilled - it looks a million dollars.
— Cassie (Australia)

In a matter of hours Caroline transformed our place from what looked like a warehouse of sort-of matching furniture and accessories into a tastefully decorated, well-organized home. It all started when I was on the hunt for good-quality, reasonably priced bedside lamps. I went to an open house Carolina was having at Arete Culture and found a few lamps I liked - and a whole lot more.

Within days Caroline had arranged to come to my house with a load of lamps, pillows, runners and artwork to completely transform the master bedroom. I liked the finished product so much, I invited her back a short time later to work her magic on the living/dining area. Caroline was able to look at the mish-mash of objects we have collected through the years and the countries and put them together in ways I had not imagined. She had me digging things out of closets and cupboards that she then matched up with beautiful items from her own collections and created some lovely displays throughout the home.

Caroline works quickly - this whole process only took a few weeks, and the actual time she spent at my home was only a few hours. She’s flexible - she let me live with some art pieces for a couple of days before deciding whether to keep them. And she’s reasonable - no sticker shock.
— Katie and Mike (USA)

Carol, what a day, what an outcome! My whole family is thrilled with our new look. Just like you said, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, some soft furnishings and fresh eye over the place can do. No mistaking, you have an eye for the finer details and managed to pull together all my ‘bits’ to make it look like they were all bought to go together. Your concept of bringing the shop to the house is fantastic and makes the whole process so stress free and time effective. I would have taken months to get around to doing all that you managed in a day. Also that you had your offsider Steve with you to do the painting and hanging really made the process most effective and instant. You were very kind to my ideas and gently swayed me where necessary to see things another way.

Thanks again, it was really worth the investment.
— Lyn M (Australia)

I especially recommend Caroline’s services to those who want to give their house the “wow” factor without making any major structural changes. In my case, I’d moved into this brand new home that I didn’t know what to do with. Appointing a regular interior designer was out of the question as I knew that he would make a lot of structural changes and built in furniture which I cannot take with me. Besides, accessories make or break the look! I can really see Caroline’s services working for expats who are renters. Not only does she have a wide range of unique accessories that she obviously enjoys collecting from around the region, she also has a very warm personality. I’m really glad to have found her and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.
— - Sushma and Rajeev (India)

This is the second time that Caroline had decorated one of our homes and she certainly exceeded our expectations again. What we particularly love is how Caroline utilises our existing possessions and incorporates these into her overall theme. I am a painter and her silk framing ideas and picture placement has allowed me to really feature some of my pieces. Thank you again, Caroline!
— May and Bruce (Indonesia and New Zealand)

From the moment I spoke with Caroline for the very first time through Expat Living magazine, I was impressed with her customer centric approach.

Caroline was very quick on her ideas, but put in time needed to understand our preferences, style, home type and aspirations. Her friendly nature and energetic personality made me feel at ease.

My little daughters were also drawn to Caroline, and were following her around the house everywhere she went. Within just one hour she gave our living room a new fab look. She transformed a room that looked like a collection of articles into a stylish, yet cozy place.

Caroline has exceptional taste and sense of style which would make her customers wanting to come back for more!
— Elena (Russia)

We consider our home spacious and comfortable but bare and at times “boring” - as it lacks the design element to it.

Communicating with Carol gives peace, because she quickly understands things and instantly translates them into a strong idea. Watching Carol work, is like watching a high fashion competition...vision, precision, speed and running for gold..

Carol combines her intelligence with guts coming up with appropriate concepts and ideas. Creative, well thought-out and bold are keywords that describe her work perfectly. On top of that, she also has the ability to work and be creative within the boundaries of a ‘given’ house style.

She is even conscious over our budget, insisting that we do not overspend unnecessarily. We have a mismatch of items we have collected over the years and considered throwing these out to make way for the styling but Carol was able to blend most of them in with the new items.

Even with our limited and perhaps a little broadbase-perspective briefing, she was able to interpret our wishes and made it into a reality. We absolutely love our home and literally fell in love with it again after the makeover - it feels brand new, chic and cosy. We highly recommend Carol to anyone who wishes to “style” or “makeover” his/her house.
— Phillip and Elaine (Hong Kng, Australia, and UK)

About a year ago, a good friend had hired Caroline for her newly acquired house. So when we started looking into renting a house, I knew right away that we would want to hire Caroline to come and make our house a home too. I’m not one of those people who can style a house. There are no interior design magazines tucked into my handbag. I see things I like and so I get them— which most often don’t go together. So it was perfect for Caroline to come out and assess what we had and put it all together. For example, vases I had outside are now in the master bedroom.. and they look like they belong! Something I would not have thought of doing.

Caroline helped us choose colors to paint the walls and arranged for a fantastic painter to do it. She then brought her array of soft furnishings, lamps and artwork but also used what we had. In a matter of a few short hours, Caroline and her team literally transformed our 60’s throwback house into a sophisticated yet welcoming home!! Seriously, magic! I can’t tell you how pleased we are with her services. I love that we now have a home, a bit like how it was back in the States.. minus the heat.

Thank you Caroline— you are BRILLIANT!!
— Samantha and Brett (USA and Canada)

When I first read Caroline’s blog, I was thoroughly impressed and wanted her to do up our new home rightaway.

I have been following her blog to see her wondrous works of transformation for homes and restaurants.

When we finally moved into our new house, I got in touch with Caroline to work her “magic” for us. However, she said that she will be away for the next 3.5 weeks. Waited patiently for her return from Europe + the UK.

She came back from Europe and started to work on our home immediately. Caroline’s a wonder as she’s really has an eye on how to transform your home from “Ordinary” to “Gorgeous”. Found her to be genuinely enjoying her work and at the same time she is not pushy in selling her wares to us. Caroline has a good listening ear in giving us what we want in our home. In the process, of her working in our home, a real “gem” of a new friend is found.

We definitely will enjoy staying in our “Little Bali Villa”. It is like coming home to Bali , our favourite destination, every day.
— Belinda and Derek (Singapore)

My husband met Caroline when he was referred to her by a colleague after relocating to Singapore and having the task to set up a new ‘home’. He bought some furnishings from her and then told me what a wonderful resource and person she is and wanted me to meet her when I moved over a bit later.

Caroline is genuine and hardworking. She takes into consideration your budgetary requirements and outlines what services are covered within the proposed plan. When we travel we have a habit of collecting items that we think will be a memory of our travels. Sadly, they sit in the closet not seeing the light of day. When Caroline arrived we gave her free rein to do her magic.

She asked to see all that we have in our closets/storage. She has a wonderful talent integrating what you have with any new items and making what you have already look ‘fresh’ and new. She presents your belongings the way you hoped they would look. Frankly we were hopeless in making all our furnishings really live up to their potential and when Caroline was finished it was completely to our taste and living style. We cannot say enough about her talent and her professionalism.

When our friends came over and saw the ‘after’ they were amazed at the transformation!
— Ken and Lucy (USA)

Each evening I pick a different spot in the living room or dining room to sit and look around as every different place offers a unique view of some collection of my artwork and belongings, all of which remind me of some story, trip, family member or some other happy thought.

I did appreciate “the store coming to me” after all of the running around in the heat I had done before I broke down and called Caroline for help, but at the end of the day what I love most is that Caroline arranged all of my own stuff in ways that I never would have thought of. And yes, that did added a little pizzazz to my otherwise “practical” way of decorating :)

Thanks again!!!
— Lisa (USA)

Wow, what can I say! Caroline impressed us beyond our expectations.

She was recommended to me by my neighbours, Tara & Christian. When I walked into their newly styled home, I couldn’t believe it was all the same items they had before. Her place looked amazing and I wanted ours to look just as good.

After the huge expense of moving we had a limited budget and Caroline took this into account and wasn’t at all pushy with the items she suggested to enhance our existing pieces. She actually found things in my cupboards she could use, that hadn’t seen the light of day for years and I was about to throw out. We purchased some additional soft furnishings, lighting and decorations from her and they are things I haven’t seen in any shops in Singapore.

My husband has admitted he was very sceptical of the whole process and now believes that it was well worth doing.

The place looks so much better, it’s the same pieces we already had, but now they look like they belong together with Caroline’s little touches. and arrangement. I would recommend to her anyone (and already have been) who wants their house to look like a home. She also gave us some great ideas for items we can look to purchase in the future.

She only styled our living areas and master bedroom, but I can’t wait to have her help us with the other parts of our home soon.

Steve was also great and we have used him for repairs at the old place and the new one, on top of the work he did with Caroline on the day of styling.
— Clare and Adrian (Australia)