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Complete Interior Transformations

From single rooms to complete home makeovers, Arete Culture will help you transform your space into a functional, beautiful home. Our process involves methodical and conscientious planning prior to the physical transformation, allowing us to complete the heavy lifting stage under 50 hours.

Arete Culture has always put our clients' needs and convenience at the forefront of what we do. Eight years of experience has allowed us to now also provide a one-stop solution for clients — we work closely with industry partners to oversee end-to-end renovation works from reworking floor plans to finishing your windows.

Most of our projects are completed within an afternoon. Larger homes may take up to two days to install.


The Design Process

Our home styling service includes a complimentary first consultation at your home to better assess the environment and discuss your design challenges. Our stylists will then develop a plan incorporating functionality, aestheticism, existing furniture pieces, and spatial flow. 

The next step involves furniture shopping and customisation. Once the required items have been ordered, we spend an afternoon putting together the space. We oversee the entire process from design and shopping to installation and clean-up so the makeover remains as fuss-free as possible for you and your family.

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Magical Homes

When we started Arete Culture, we largely catered to renters who wanted their house to feel like a home, but were conscious of investing too much in a rental unit that they were likely to move out of in two or three years. Years of working with renters has led to the development of our newest package: Magical Homes, which gives renters a set of versatile and timeless styling pieces that they can keep and easily move with.

Magical Homes features the holy trinity of what makes a home beautiful: interior styling, furniture sourcing from third-party stores, and key pieces from Arete Culture. Valued at $10,000, this service includes a makeover of two main spaces: clients can choose between styling the living and dining room, with a complimentary balcony makeover; or the living and master bedroom, with a complimentary ensuite makeover. Included in this package is also a selection of key pieces that make a room, such as lighting, textiles, artwork, statement accessories, and a mirror.  

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Design in a Day

This streamlined service is a compaction of our standard interior styling work. Valued at S$900, 'Design in a Day' aims to offer quick and affordable styling that will optimise your space while bringing a clear design vision to your home. This service is best for those looking to refresh a targeted area of their home or to sample our services before committing to a full makeover.

The Design Process

We begin the process with a consultation where we understand the client's style and what they're looking after. This consult is done at the selected space to address important aspects of the makeover such as the functionality of the room and to view existing pieces we can work with. Similar to our standard service, our stylists will then develop a makeover plan incorporating functionality, aestheticism, existing furniture pieces, and spatial flow. Unlike our standard service however, stylists will only shop for furniture pieces and soft furnishings in our retail showrooms.

The client then comes into our showroom(s) to shop the look with our stylist before heading back for the installation. The entire process spans six hours and can be completed anywhere within 1 day to 3 days, depending on your convenience. Please note that the $900 does not include the prices of any products purchased for the makeover.

For more information, please email enquiries@areteculture.com.

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Some projects require an overarching design vision to inspire. An inclination toward the understated and elegant allows Arete Culture to transform characterless spaces into luxurious and functional interiors for living and working in. We offer styling consultations for clients who have the resources to pull the project together, but require assistance with spatial organisation or design vision.

Our commercial projects include restaurant spaces, recording studios, and pilates studios. For commercial styling enquiries and visual merchandising projects, please email enquiries@areteculture.com